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Consumer Expert/Business Adviser

Trisha is a consumer expert with particular skills in working with the grain of the market, and with business, to achieve sustainable change that brings business benefit in the longer term.

She has significant knowledge of how government and regulatory policies are formulated, developed and delivered. She has influenced many policies that have had real impact and influence. She has developed and nurture a wide network of senior contacts in government, business and civic society across Scotland and Great Britain.

Trisha can offer experience and knowledge of the workings of parliaments, having appeared before many parliamentary committees.

Trisha is well-respected and known for personal integrity. She is often approached in the light of reputation and recommendation from others and has been asked by government to provide opinion and thought leadership on key strategic issues. She has experience of working effectively on very many high level working groups and stakeholder advisory committees for Ministers, governments, regulators, trade bodies and businesses.

Trisha has considerable experience and impact in advising regulators on price control regimes and in advising businesses on how to get the best regulatory outcomes on consumer issues.

Trisha has worked with many businesses and trade bodies on effective self-regulation.

“Trisha has an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge of consumer affairs from her senior experience at the Scottish Consumer Council, Consumer Focus Scotland and Consumer Futures. She is a powerful advocate for consumers, and is able to help organisations engage effectively with them. Trisha has particular knowledge of vulnerable consumers and the strategies required to meet their needs. She recently completed a piece of work for the University on complaint management and consumer behaviour for our MSc Dispute Resolution students and it was greatly appreciated. If you are looking for a consumer expert, I would strongly recommend Trisha.”

Carol Brennan, Director of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre, Queen Margaret University