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Customer Panels

Governments and regulators are increasingly requiring public services and private companies to set up forums of service users, stakeholders and customers to demonstrate that they have sought out and understand the needs of those they serve, using that evidence to provide public and shareholder value.

Organisations that do this voluntarily, and embed effective stakeholder engagement as a key part of ethically sustainable business practice, realise the business and the reputational benefits that ensue.

MPM can set up Consumer, Stakeholder or Customer Panels or Forums and provide the ongoing support needed to ensure they add value and credibility to your organisation and to the three Cs.

Trisha can also offer her expertise in the chairing or membership of existing or new Panels or Forums. She is particularly adept at bringing consumer and business stakeholders together to tackle difficult issues, for example, through her co-chairmanship of both the Scottish Government’s Microgeneration Task Force and the Parcels Delivery Working Group.

"Trisha is able to deploy vast experience and understanding of public policy, markets, consumer affairs and how to strengthen the consumer voice in decision making. What's more, she is always focused on moving things forward, utilising her networking skills to get people together."

Peter Peacock, Chair, Water Customer Forum

“Bringing together individuals to work together in a meeting is never easy as there is often competing interests, but during my work with Trisha as Co-Chair of the Scottish Government’s Microgeneration Task Group, she was adept as chair in listening to members and getting the debate focused on the issues at hand. Her skill as chair was also apparent when ensuring that all members participated in the discussion and in summing up the discussions and agreeing future actions. Trisha is a consummate chair who knows how to get the best out of any meeting.”

Alan Wilson, Co-Chair, Scottish Government Microgeneration Task Group